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Savana Li
Water Superintendent
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The Town of Keene has two water districts. Each resident within these two districts are assessed a flat rate for the calendar year.

The water rent does not include ad valorem or continuous improvement taxes. Those vary by district.

Appeal process. Anyone denied by the Water Superintendent before April 8th is eligible to appeal. The last day to appeal in writing to the Town Board is April 22nd 2024. Decisions on appeals will take place at the April 30th, 2024 Board Meeting.

The Town of Keene will now be using Endyne Laboratories for all further water testing. Endyne Laboratories will pick up testing samples in the second Tuesday of every month at the Town Hall. If you wish to have your samples picked up by Endyne you will need to notify the Water Superintendent and have your samples to the town hall no later than 9:00am on the first Tuesday of the month.

Town of Keene Water Law

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