Keene’s age-friendly initiative is an outgrowth of the Town’s 2021 Master Plan process, which itself was largely conducted by volunteers and a few elected and appointed Town officials. The Master Plan was organized around the work of five workgroups, one of which focused on Seniors and Health Care.

We started our initiative with the premise that Keene already is age-friendly – a great natural environment, lots of civic engagement, convenient access to a wide variety of health and wellness services that is highly unusual for such a rural area, convenient access to fresh food that is also highly unusual for a rural area, and much more – but cognizant that there are opportunities to improve in certain areas.

  • Mission: The Town of Keene is dedicated to being the best place to live, work, and play as we age.
  • Vision: The Town of Keene will ensure that our community remains an age-friendly place to live by continuing to nurture strong social connections; foster inclusion and respect; ensure safe and accessible environments; and support programs and services of importance for older adults.

Presented by the Keene Age-Friendly Task Force


Click here to read the full Action Plan (pdf)