On behalf of the Adirondack Park Agency we think you may be interested in the following:

RESIDENTS OF FRANKLIN, CLINTON, ESSEX, and HAMILTON COUNTIES: The Lake Champlain-Lake George Regional Planning Board (LCLGRPB) is conducting a community housing survey to identify gaps in the local housing market and strategize ways to tackle the region’s housing challenges. This process includes data analysis, input from employers and now we want to hear from YOU! This survey is targeted at anyone that lives in Franklin, Clinton, Essex, and Hamilton Counties. The LCLGRPB and its partners are seeking as much participation as possible to establish where the greatest needs are and determine how to move forward with housing priorities. LCLGRPB encourages residents to share the survey on social media and with friends, family, and other community networks. The results of this survey, along with the previous employer survey, will be shared at community events planned for mid to late October, details to come.

LINK TO SURVEY: https://camoin.surveysparrow.com/s/Lake-Champlain-Lake-George-Community-Survey/tt-22b72e

LINK TO WEBSITE W/SURVEY: https://www.northcountrynyhousing.com/get-involved

Please direct any questions regarding the survey to the LCLGRPB & feel free to share with members of your community.