To reduce Covid-19 health risks associated with crowding, the Town of Keene is prohibiting spill-over hiker parking on some local streets during the public health crisis.
Parking on Johns Brook, Market and Adirondack Streets in Keene Valley will be limited to local residents beginning Friday, April 24. Direct access to the Garden, which is the jumping off point for major trails into the Johns Brook Valley and the Great Range, will remain open for local hikers and visitors. Once the 45-car lot is full, spill-over parking will not be permitted. Signs and traffic barricades will mark where it is illegal to park. Violators will be towed.
Keene, along with New York State, ADK (Adirondack Mountain Club) and the Adirondack 46ers, is working to reduce health risks for residents and visitors, and to protect scarce medical and rescue resources. Hikers are encouraged to maintain social distancing on the trail by keeping six feet apart, wearing masks when with others, and hiking locally.
Many parking lots have significantly reduced capacity, including those at the Heart Lake Program Center and the Adirondack Mountain Reserve, (from 80 to 28 spots), south of Keene Valley.
Remember to #hikelocal, #walklocal, #recreatelocal, & #recreateresponsibly if you’re heading outside this weekend! Hike local. Stay safe.  The Adirondacks will be here.
For Further info:  Contact Supervisor Joe Pete Wilson, at 518-576-4444, or