Hunting License Sales

Due to the Town Hall closure, the sales of hunting licenses will be delayed until we reopen.  Once I know when the Town Hall will be reopened for regular business, I intend to have additional dates and times specifically for Hunting Licenses, as previously stated. I was provided the below information from the DEC which states that your chances for DMP’s will not be altered by applying for licenses later in the month:


As you know, we are approaching our busy season and would like to make you aware of a few things, as noted below.

New License Sales – August 1, 2022:

  • As of now, new year license sales will begin on MONDAY, AUGUST 1. We fully expect this date to stand, but please understand we are testing daily to make sure that new year licenses and other updates are working properly. Therefore, if an issue does arise, it is possible this date could change. If we do need to delay the opening date, we will send out a DECALS bulletin and a GovDelivery message, so please check your messages throughout the day.
  • Remember, there is no advantage to customers buying their licenses and applying for DMPs early. Please help explain this to your customers in the hope that agent locations can avoid large crowds in the first several days of sales. Customers have the same chance of being selected for a DMP throughout the entire DMP application period (8/1/22 – 10/1/22). We do not “run out”. Receiving a DMP is based on the pre-determined probabilities that are printed on the DMP Chances of Selection chart in your agent mailing, and then determined by the individual customer profile attributes (# of preference points, landowner status, resident vs. nonresident, etc), which remain unchanged throughout the instant lottery application period.


I apologize for any inconvenience(s) this may cause. If there is a specific reason in which you cannot wait to purchase your license, please contact me at home at (518)576-9039. I hope that our local hunters can please wait for the Town Hall to reopen and that you provide me the chance to service you! Please do not go to another location, as I need the practice and look forward to assisting you directly.

Thanks for your patience.

Kimberly Smith, Town Clerk