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Highway Department

The Highway Department is responsible for issues related to town roads including: trees/debris in the road, road closures, snow removal, etc.

If power lines are down, please contact NYSEG at (607) 356-8538

Please note: if you're calling to reference issues with a state road, then contact the NYS Highway Department in Keene at: 518-576-2292

Animal remains on a state road should be referred to: 518-873-2170


Scott Smith, Highway Superintendent


Town Garage


Fire Department

In case of emergency always call 911.

To secure a burn permit, residents need to contact Robbie Mecus at DEC. 524-6622


When you intend to use the permit, you must notify the fire district office.

The Town of Keene has two fire Departments:

Keene Fire District and Ambulance

Non emergency calls: 576-4301

Fire Chief - Jody Whitney


Keene Valley Fire District and Ambulance

Non-emergency calls: 576-4727

Fire Chief - Stephen “Rusty” Hall

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Water Department

The Town of Keene has two water districts. Each resident within these districts are assessed a flat rate for the calendar year.

Water District #1 is the hamlet of Keene is currently assessed at $400 per year.

Water District #2 is the hamlet of Keene Valley is currently assessed at $425 per year.

Businesses vary - at a flat rate.

For service turn on or off as well as billing questions contact the Town Hall 576-4444.


Within the Town of Keene there are 10 cemeteries. However, lots are only available for purchase in Norton Cemetery. 

To purchase a plot you may contact the Town Clerk, Ellen Estes at 576-4444. The current fee for a 2-grave plot is $250.

For assistance in locating a plot or deceased relatives the Town Clerk may also be able to help.

 Please note: As per the owner’s cemetery deed:

Any development or care of this lot shall follow the natural contours of the land which now exists. No retaining walls or fences of any kind shall be erected. No trees, shrubs, vines, or other planting shall be planted or placed in or on any lot or lots.

Only 1 monument (not to include individual markers) shall be allowed on a lot. That any headstone shall be located parallel to and 6 inches from the west boundary line and shall not be erected to a height greater than five feet from the ground.

Foundations for monuments shall be constructed and installed at least 5 feet below the surface of the ground and shall be constructed of concrete and stone.


No plots may be resold without first notifying the town offices.

Transfer Station

The Keene Transfer Station is located at 61 Town Shed Lane (off Schaefer Road).

Open: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Closed :Tuesday & Thursday

There is an attendant. However, the attendant does not accept payments. Individuals who want to use the transfer station need to purchase punch cards prior to delivery.

The punch cards are available at the Town Hall in Keene, the Keene Public Library in Keene, the Valley Grocery, and McDonough’s Valley Hardware during regular business hours.

Anything not listed on the recycling guide (PDF link) is considered garbage and is accepted at 10 cents per pound.

Note: bulky items may be assessed at a flat rate.

For information call the Transfer Station at 576-4692



The Town of Keene has appointed a Sole Assessor; Rich Maxwell.  The new office hours will be Tuesdays from 8:00 AM to Noon and weekdays between 9:00 and 4:00 on his cellphone.  His office is located beside the Community Center building, at the bottom of the driveway at 8 Church Street in Keene.

Phone number: (518) 576-9163

Fax number: (518) 576-4316

Cell phone number:  (978) 771-3016

Assessment rates can be found on the Essex County Website.

STAR Program

The New York State School Tax Relief Program (STAR) provides homeowners with two types of partial exemptions from school property taxes.  If you earn less than $500,000 and own and live in your home, your're probably eligible for the STAR exemption.  Basic STAR and Enhanced STAR information is available at or by calling (518) 457-2036.

Tax Collector

The Office of the Tax Collector has been rolled into the duties of the Town Clerk.

Any questions you may have can be directed to the Town Clerk by calling the Town Hall or stopping by.

Payments can be mailed to me at Town of Keene Tax Collector, PO Box 245, Keene, New York  12942.

Any questions can be directed to me by calling the Town Hall, 518-576-4444 and leaving a clear question and return telephone number.  I can also be reached through email at 


The Town of Keene archives are located in the Keene Public Library.  The town hIstorian, Bryeanna Villani, holds regular office hours at the library every other Saturday from 10:30 to noon, please see the town calendar for dates.

The Freedom of Information Act applies only to government sourced files and requires a request for information that you wish to review in reasonable detail to be submitted and approved by the historian before these documents will be made available to view.  If your request is time sensitive, please include this information with your request and it will be acccommodated whenever possible.  However, the archives will only be available to the public on regular Saturday library hours unless other arrangements are made by the historian.

Contact info -



The town maintains the following public areas:

Marcy Field located on Route 73 at the center point between Keene and Keene Valley

This space is also a local air strip. Information about landing and taking off can be secured through the Lake Placid Airport.

It is the home of our Sunday Farmer’s Markets and can be used for community events. 

The Holt House is also located at this site. It is also available for seasonal use.

A community garden is located here for local resident use.

If interested in using these facilities please contact the Town Hall at 576-4444 or via email using  


Approved October 2017


1.      Weddings at the Holt House

a.      Residents of Keene: $500

b.      Non-residents of Keene: $1,000

2.      Markets, Craft Fairs, or other sales generating event

a.      Residents of Keene: $75

b.      Non-Residents of Keene$150

3.      Non-Profit sponsored Fundraising or Arts event

a.      Keene resident organized: $0

b.      Non-resident of Keene: $50



On the Ausable River, across the street, the town maintains a public swimming area including parking area, picnic tables, & port-a-johns. No lifeguard is on duty. 

Point Park 

Located in Keene Valley near the Laight Hall Bridge.

Jay Picnic Area

Located on Route 9N at the Keene/Jay town line. A covered pavilion with picnic tables is located here (seasonally port a-john.) Use is on a first come first serve basis - no reservations are taken.

Code Enforcement

Derrick Martineau

Town of Keene

Code Enforcement Officer

Office: Keene Town Hall

Hours: Tue. & Thurs. from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Phone: cell @ 728-6100 or office @ 576-4444


Download Permits & Information

Town of Keene - Master Plan, part 1

Town of Keene - Master Plan, part 2

How to Obtain a Building Permit from the Town of Keene

Planning Board Application

Order of Inspections

Building Permit Application (Notice: correction to Item d. - Any fence over 4 feet in height must be permitted.)

Building Permit: Additional Requirements

Building Codes: Fee Schedule

Order of Inspections: Septic Only

Steep Slope Setback Formula

APA Jurisdiction Inquiry